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Catherine Warren is a Board Certified Naturopath through the American Naturopathic Medical Board, has completed the 100-hour Advanced EAV Training Course through the Academy of International Bioenergetics Sciences, and is a certified Physician Assistant through the NCCPA.  Committed to being a lifelong learner, she continues to study and implement principles of health and wholeness for spirit, soul and body.  She has gathered tools and techniques from various sources, pulling from homeopathy, herbology, nutritional foundations, energy medicine, TCM, acupressure and knowledge of western medicine and modern pharmacology to bring together an integrative view with a goal of whole health and abundant life.  Her passion for celebrating the ingenious Creator of the human being shares space with passions for her family and friends, salt water, music, good food and great books.

Disclaimer: All information shared during a health evaluation is for educational purposes only. Consultations and energy work done with Catherine Warren are intended to promote health maintenance and education and are not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions, disclosed or undisclosed. Individuals maintain accountability for the status of personal health.

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Catherine Warren, MC-MS, BCN

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