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Synchrony Energetics Natural Health Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is EAV testing, and why is it useful?
A: ​Electroacupunture According to Voll is a method of evaluating the stability or disturbance of the energetic system of the body. It is useful in isolating root causes of problems we are aware of, as well as, identifying disturbances before they become “felt” problems and checking on the foundational strength of the body.

Q: What is energy medicine?
A: Energy medicine describes various forms and systems of contacting using hands-on contact with points on the body to release, increase, and otherwise balance the body’s energetics system to promote proper function.

Q: Do I have to undress for an EAV evaluation or energy medicine treatment?
A: No, but you may be asked to remove your shoes.

Q: What is Iridology?

​A:  Iridology is the practice of examining the iris and the sclera for tissue integrity and signs of inherent strengths and weaknesses.  The iris is the colored part of your eye and the sclera is the white, muscle area of your eye located around the iris.

Q:  When are the Pilates classes offered?

A:  Pilates classes are offered on Wednesday afternoons at 3:30 pm and last an hour.  Be sure to call the front desk to be added to the class.