Synchrony Energetics Natural Health

What to Expect at an Appointment

Synchrony Energetics Natural Health

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Nutritional Consultations involve one on one discussion and targeted strategies for change through specific nutrition, with ongoing support through the process. This may include custom cookbook development, grocery store excursions, or exploration of specific food sensitivities enhanced by EAV testing.

EAV testing/Electrodermal Screening is a painless system of evaluation that is carried out with the client seated and fully clothed except for shoes. It involves computer software, an EAV machine, brass handles and a
blunt-tipped pen-shaped probe to evaluate the energetic status of body systems through points on the side of the head above the ears, and on the backs of the hands and tops of the feet.

Energy Medicine/Acupressure Consultations take place with the client fully clothed except for shoes, seated or lying comfortably on a massage table. Contact with the body is very gentle.