Synchrony Energetics Natural Health

Synchrony Energetics Natural Health in Wilson, NC offers a variety of services including homeopathic medicine and nutritional consultations.

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Synchrony Energetics Natural Health
3201 A Nash Street N Wilson,NC

Synchrony Energetics Natural Health

We are a community of practitioners with a common goal, and a variety of resources to help you achieve your goals. Our combined expertise offers the opportunity for transformation, alignment, and change through:

• Focused nutritional consultation
• Electrodermal screening using EAV technology
• Targeted nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies
• Hands-on energy medicine using trigger point release, acupressure and reflexology.

Believing that people are created to be well and already have inherent access to the processes and resources necessary to restore health and maintain wholeness, our goal is to partner with you to:

Unlockthe root causes of symptoms while supporting and honoring the healing process
Synchronize spirit, soul and body to progress toward wholeness and lasting wellness
Educate and equip for self-care in a supportive environment with focus on individual responsibility
Releaseinto freedom and balance with minimal long term dependence on outside interventions